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Landlord -
Tenant Litigation


In Landlord-Tenant disputes, time is of the essence.  Indeed, time is money.  At Cooksey, we understand that when a tenant dispute arises, a landlord’s primary goal is to secure a quick and satisfactory result.  To that end, we know how to leverage the landlord’s procedural advantages while deftly addressing the tenant’s statutory rights.



Teri Lazorisak

Paul Hoffman

Whether high-rises, industrial buildings, apartments, or mobilehome parks, we have broad experience representing commercial and residential landlords in disputes with tenants, and make it a priority to keep our clients well-informed on the progress of every matter.  


We also defend our landowner clients in premises liability claims.   We have successfully defended cases ranging from 'slip & falls' to criminal assaults – even murder – committed on a client’s business premises.  Having secured summary judgment victories in third-party criminal conduct actions, and published a law review article criticizing Ortega v. Kmart – the leading California case on storekeeper liability – our attorneys have both broad litigation experience and academic recognition in this area of law.   We strive to provide early and reliable assessments of liability and damages, with the goal of securing an efficient and satisfactory resolution.

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