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Business Litigation


When necessary to achieve business goals or defend business practices, Cooksey represents its business and financial service clients in litigation matters, including actions involving breach of contract, unfair business practices, tortious interference with business expectancies, fraud, and other business torts.  We balance aggressiveness with a focus on early resolution, through mediation or arbitration, as litigation is seldom the best method of resolving business disputes.  


Experience has shown that our focus on prejudgment remedies such as Writs of Possession, Attachments, Temporary Restraining Orders, and Injunctions makes our adversaries more receptive to our creative solutions for ending litigation quickly.  We stay focused on our clients' goals and avoid the petty bickering that can infect the litigation process, increase litigation costs and turn business disputes into harder to resolve personal disputes.


Practice Leader

Byron Bahr



Kim Gage

Randall Mroczynski

Areas of Specialization

  • Contract litigation

  • Lender/borrower/guarantor disputes

  • Secured transactions 

  • Dealership issues

  • Business and commercial litigation 

  • Business, corporate, and partnership disputes 

  • Unfair competition

  • Real property litigation

  • Landlord/tenant disputes

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