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Appellate Advocacy


Cooksey has established itself as a leader in appellate advocacy in both state and federal courts of appeal throughout the Western United States.


Practice Leader

Randall Mroczynski



David Cooksey

Kim Gage

Phil Woog

Richard Buck

Matthew Pahl


Representative Clients

Mercedes-Benz Financial Services USA

GM Financial

CorePointe Capital Finance


Representative Cases

  1. In Re Dumont, 581 F.3d 1104 (9th Cir. 2009)

  2. In Re O&S Trucking __________ F.3d ____ (8th Cir. 2016)

  3. Nally v. Grace Community Church of the Valley, 47 Cal. 3d 278 (1988)

  4. Huntsinger v. Glass Containers Corp., 22 Cal. App. 3d 803 (1972)

  5. Mercedes Benz Credit Corporation v. Johnson, 110 Cal. App. 4th 53 (2003)

  6. Crusader Insurance Company v. Scottsdale Insurance Company, 65 Cal. App. 4th 121 (1997)

  7. Community Redevelopment Agency of the City of Los Angeles v. Aetna, (1996) 50 Cal.App.4th 329


Cooksey helps its clients through the complex and often confusing world of appellate litigation.  Cooksey has represented appellants and appellees in a broad spectrum of post-trial appeals before state and federal appeals courts.  Where possible, Cooksey seeks to end appellate litigation at the earliest possible phase of the case through motions to dismiss.  Our attorneys have successfully argued matters before California courts of appeal and to Circuit Courts throughout the Western United States.


Areas of Specialization

  • Appellate Briefing

  • Oral argument 

  • Writs of Mandate and Extraordinary Writs

  • Motions to Dismiss

  • Jurisdictional analysis

  • Disputes Relating to the Record on Appeal

  • Petitions for En Banc Review

  • Petitions for Writs of Certiorari to the United States Supreme Court


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